Why We Remove Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are also known collectively as the third molar. This is a development that is experienced by most of us. You may be interested to know that the reason we end up calling this process as wisdom teeth is due to the fact that this is a phenomenon which happens when we have supposedly achieved some intelligence. Ideally, it is during the 17 to 25 year age group that people end up usually having their third molar coming through. As most people would know, wisdom teeth do most often than not require extraction. These types of teeth are usually extracted for two prime reasons. One well-known reason is that the teeth are impacted. The other reason is that teeth can be an issue if not extracted.

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Managing Life with Braces

Managing braces can be troublesome when you’re figuring out how to deal with new dental propensities like brushing and flossing. Picking what types of sustenance to eat can likewise be an overwhelming task for some since you'll be restricted to what is ideal for the prosperity of your teeth. Obviously, it's a given that you ought to dodge sticky and sugary foods like candy and different desserts since they will greatly enhance the probability of cavities, preventing the process of aligning your teeth.

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Get Your Teeth Whitened By A Pro

We're all searching for the best solution to the problems we have, for some that might mean trying any over the counter dental products that claim to make your teeth snow white. Regrettably, success is not always guaranteed by the simplest or most convenient solutions.

If you're one of those individuals, attempting to brighten your smile and thinking about selecting an in-store product, let us offer an alternative.

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Clear Braces: What a Difference Six Months Can Make

Clear braces offers the wearer an alternative to wearing traditional braces. Also, for braces wearers who want a more discreet option clear braces are a perfect fit. Clear braces come equipped with transparent trays that are designed to fit around each row of teeth in a matter of months effortlessly align them.
They are also very convenient because clear braces can straighten your teeth in as little as six months.

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How Periodontal Disease Can Affect Your Health

Periodontal disease is an advanced stage of gum disease and it occurs once gum disease has progressed from its early stages. Once gum disease has advanced to periodontal disease it is no longer reversible. However, in order to prevent severe gum damage or major tooth loss it’s important to schedule an appointment with your dentist who if needed will refer you to a periodontist. Also, your oral health affects the condition of your overall health. With this being said by having periodontal disease you could also be at risk for developing heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease as well as osteoporosis. In order to manage periodontal disease, it is important if you see your dentist for oral health treatment.

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All About Extractions

Tooth extractions are a routine practice for dentists. They are a quite simple procedure for a doctor to take on, that generally cause patients a lot of stress when thinking about the occurrence.

When you undergo a wisdom tooth extraction, your doctor will be given an IV sedative, and a numbing anesthetic for your mouth. If your extraction is just a pulling of a tooth, you will be given the numbing anesthetic as well as nitrous oxide, if needed. After your surgery, your mouth will remain numb for a few hours, which will allow you to feel limited pain. When your numbness subsides, you should take your prescribed medication. Along with these medications, your doctor will give you antibiotics, as this will help fight any infection.

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A Dental Emergency

Have you ever experienced breaking or chipping a tooth? Maybe you were playing hockey or baseball when the puck or ball came unexpectedly to your mouth. Whatever your case may be, the most important thing to do after such an accident is to find an emergency dentist, that will alleviate your pain and ensure you did not cause damage to any other part of the mouth.

Emergency dentists are available almost always, or at least are more readily available than regular dentists. Emergency dentists provide care so that people can get the dental work they need performed when they need it and not have to wait.

Of course if you’re looking for a routine cleaning, go ahead and wait to see your general dentist. But, when your mouth is bleeding from a hit or you have a chipped tooth, you should not wait for help. These types of situations should be dealt with right away, as an emergency dentist can make sure you did not harm other teeth, soft tissue, or bone.

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Partial Dentures

Are you in need of fixing a few teeth? Partial dentures may be just the thing for you. Partials are typically used by those who have lost only a few teeth due to a jaw related accident, tooth decay, or malnutrition. Having gaps in the teeth can result in food and bacteria forming in the empty spaces. Partials are useful for filling these in, thus preventing tooth and gum decay. In addition to this, partial dentures are useful for hiding prominent tooth gaps, such as the ones in the front of the mouth.

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Are You a Candidate for Six Month Smiles?

What’s a Fast Way to Straighten Teeth?
Through most people’s lives, orthodontics will be a necessity to align their teeth. A typical timeline for an orthodontic treatment takes around two to three years for results, and sometimes longer in certain cases. Most patients don’t want to wait that long to see results. That is why when you visit Southern Smiles Dental PC, you should talk to Dr. Van Horn about getting Six Month Smiles.

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A Closer Look at Gingivitis

Gingivitis is a medical condition which results in inflamed gums surrounding the teeth.  Gingivitis affects the tissue around the teeth, along with the gums, soft tissues and bone (the periodontium). Gingivitis occurs when bacteria gets trapped in these areas and starts attacking the periodontium. It is important to know the signs and symptoms of gingivitis. This condition is not very painful to start with so it may be hard to spot, but if left unattended could lead to a severe infection and drastic consequences.

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