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Emergency Dental Care

Emergency dental care is typically not thought about until it is too late. When a dental emergency arises, you will need oral care, fast. This is why, it is imperative to know if your dentist is open for longer hours. Find out more on how to know when you need emergency dental care and why it is so important.

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Why We Remove Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are also known collectively as the third molar. This is a development that is experienced by most of us. You may be interested to know that the reason we end up calling this process as wisdom teeth is due to the fact that this is a phenomenon which happens when we have supposedly achieved some intelligence. Ideally, it is during the 17 to 25 year age group that people end up usually having their third molar coming through. As most people would know, wisdom teeth do most often than not require extraction. These types of teeth are usually extracted for two prime reasons. One well-known reason is that the teeth are impacted. The other reason is that teeth can be an issue if not extracted.

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