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Clear Braces: What a Difference Six Months Can Make

Clear braces offers the wearer an alternative to wearing traditional braces. Also, for braces wearers who want a more discreet option clear braces are a perfect fit. Clear braces come equipped with transparent trays that are designed to fit around each row of teeth in a matter of months effortlessly align them.
They are also very convenient because clear braces can straighten your teeth in as little as six months.

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How Periodontal Disease Can Affect Your Health

Periodontal disease is an advanced stage of gum disease and it occurs once gum disease has progressed from its early stages. Once gum disease has advanced to periodontal disease it is no longer reversible. However, in order to prevent severe gum damage or major tooth loss it’s important to schedule an appointment with your dentist who if needed will refer you to a periodontist. Also, your oral health affects the condition of your overall health. With this being said by having periodontal disease you could also be at risk for developing heart disease, diabetes, respiratory disease as well as osteoporosis. In order to manage periodontal disease, it is important if you see your dentist for oral health treatment.

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