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All About Extractions

Tooth extractions are a routine practice for dentists. They are a quite simple procedure for a doctor to take on, that generally cause patients a lot of stress when thinking about the occurrence.

When you undergo a wisdom tooth extraction, your doctor will be given an IV sedative, and a numbing anesthetic for your mouth. If your extraction is just a pulling of a tooth, you will be given the numbing anesthetic as well as nitrous oxide, if needed. After your surgery, your mouth will remain numb for a few hours, which will allow you to feel limited pain. When your numbness subsides, you should take your prescribed medication. Along with these medications, your doctor will give you antibiotics, as this will help fight any infection.

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A Dental Emergency

Have you ever experienced breaking or chipping a tooth? Maybe you were playing hockey or baseball when the puck or ball came unexpectedly to your mouth. Whatever your case may be, the most important thing to do after such an accident is to find an emergency dentist, that will alleviate your pain and ensure you did not cause damage to any other part of the mouth.

Emergency dentists are available almost always, or at least are more readily available than regular dentists. Emergency dentists provide care so that people can get the dental work they need performed when they need it and not have to wait.

Of course if you’re looking for a routine cleaning, go ahead and wait to see your general dentist. But, when your mouth is bleeding from a hit or you have a chipped tooth, you should not wait for help. These types of situations should be dealt with right away, as an emergency dentist can make sure you did not harm other teeth, soft tissue, or bone.

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