Money makes the world go around, or so the saying goes.  Many people avoid the dentist not due to anxiety about the treatment, but because of anxiety about the cost.  However, dental care is becoming more affordable every day, and that is a trend we can all celebrate. At Southern Smiles Dental PC, we believe that having a healthy, functional mouth and smile is not a luxury, so we have put programs in place to make it more cost effective for Oklahoma City, OK families. If you think you could never find affordable dental care, consider these options to help you receive the results you want.


Teeth Whitening


Nothing can bring up your confidence quite like having a beautifully white, radiant smile. Dr. Van Horn currently performs in-office teeth whitening for a special price of just $149.


New Patients


New patient exam fees can be a deal breaker for some families. We think the fees other offices charge can be outrageous, so we encourage all our new patients to take advantage of our $49 new patient exam and x-ray special.


iCare Financial


One of the best tools we offer to patients to help make dental care more of a possibility is dental credit in Oklahoma City, OK. iCare Financial is a consumer financial organization that allows patients to finance their care for 0% interest. No credit check is required for approval, and it only takes a few minutes during your regular office visit.


Comprehensive Care


Affordability can come in more than one package. We make dental care more affordable by offering comprehensive services, so you don’t have to see more than one doctor. This means fewer copays, fewer new patient exam fees, and more time living your life. Dr. Van Horn offers dental implants, wisdom tooth removal, dentures and more to keep you receiving the best care at the best prices.


There is no need to put off your next appointment when care is so attainable. Contact our office today to schedule your next exam.