As you age and start to lose your adult teeth, one of your first concerns might be getting them replaced as soon as possible so no one else knows you have any dental problems. Losing a permanent tooth is no small thing, however it is important to take the time to make the right choice when it comes to replacements. Your dentist in Oklahoma City, OK may have a few options available to you, such as dental implants or traditional dentures. How do you know which is better?


The Case for Implant Supported Dentures


Implant Supported Dentures are dentures that rest on posts that have been surgically inserted into the jawbone. This makes it so the teeth do not shift around. They are also not at risk of falling out of your mouth as you are speaking or chewing. Implant supported prosthetics involve a surgical procedure where you must have a strong enough jaw bone for the insertion of the posts. However, once in place, the implants help to maintain the shape of the face and keep the bone from deteriorating.


The Case for Traditional Dentures


Traditional dentures are still a viable option for many individuals. These do not involve any sort of surgical preparation with the exception of any teeth that need to be removed beforehand. Dentures are molded to fit your mouth and can be secured with bonding strips or paste. You must remove them for cleaning each night, and you might have to be fitted for multiple pairs as your jaw and face change shape over time.


The Choice Is Personal


Both implant supported and traditional dentures are good options depending on your needs. Not everyone is a candidate for implants, so it is vital that you consult Dr. JayCee Van Horn at Southern Smiles Dental to determine which choice is right for you. Contact our office today to learn more.