Everyone wants and deserves a beautiful smile. Straight teeth are not only healthier, they are also beautiful and can help increase self-esteem in both adults and teens. There are a variety of options for tooth alignment and invisible braces make sense for many patients. Check out these four amazing benefits of choosing clear braces for your smile transformation.

Better Oral Health

Did you know that straighter teeth are actually healthier? Bacteria that causes cavities and gum disease loves to lurk between teeth and in spots where one tooth overlaps another. Spacing teeth evenly in the mouth and removing overlaps eliminates these hiding spots and makes effective brushing and flossing easier and more successful. This has lasting positive consequences and can mean that your permanent teeth will be healthier for many years to come.

Self Confidence

Whether you are a business executive or just do not want a silver smile for several years, clear braces are the obvious choice. Because both the brackets and wire match your tooth color, you can smile with confidence throughout your treatment. Family photos, social engagements and other personal interactions will feel more comfortable when you are comfortable with your smile.

Length of Treatment

Many patients are looking for straight teeth and a more photogenic smile for an upcoming special occasion, such as a wedding. Clear braces are designed to straighten teeth quickly, so you can enjoy your new look in months rather than years.


Because treatment time is reduced, the overall cost of aligning your teeth is lower. That means fewer appointments, and more cash in your pocket when your orthodontic treatment is complete.


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