The Benefits Of Implant Dentures
If you are suffering from missing teeth or teeth loss in general, then dental implant dentures would be very beneficial for you. Although, there are many procedures that can address some of the dental issues you may experience when you have missing teeth implant dentures are have been proven to be a very effective and efficient method for restoring the aesthetic appeal of your smile, functions of your bite such as chewing, and improving your confidence making it easier to speak within social situations. In comparison to more traditional dentures implant supported dentures give your more functionality and comfort.


Implant Dentures: The Full Package

Implant dentures provides you with the full package meaning that it is designed to fully replace a whole arch of your teeth. Also, while the most obvious application for these circumstances where you have lost a full row of teeth on the top or bottom of your mouth would be to get full dentures implant dentures are proven to be more effective. This is because of the added support dental implants provide dentures.

Partial Implant Dentures Restoration

While full implant denture restoration is an option if you are only missing a small number of teeth then another option would be partial dentures. This would allow you to restore the health, function, and the aesthetic appeal of your smile while keeping your other natural teeth health. Also, you will most likely not require a large number of dental implants for this which will speed up the procedure significantly.

To Learn More About Implant Dentures

To learn more about implant dentures please feel free to reach out to our office to set up a consultation. This will allow our doctor to examine your mouth and determine which type of implant denture is best for you.