One or two missing teeth can have a greater impact than you already know. If you miss teeth far in the back, you may feel that they have no effect on your smile, so why do you bother removing them? Here's a brief look at the reasons in Oklahoma City, OK for replacing missing teeth

Prevent Shifting

When a tooth is missing, those around it can move gradually to fill that space. Even if a back tooth is missing, that may eventually lead to gaps in your smile. An oral surgeon can fill the empty space you have , preventing your teeth from shifting to unattractive positions. 

Prevent Disease

They can create spaces more difficult to clean when your teeth shift than before. These hard-to-reach places make bacteria more likely to grow and thrive in your mouth. 

By replacing missing teeth you can easily keep the status quo in your mouth and clean. When you get replacement teeth, there is very little change in your dental maintenance, they're often cleaned the same way as your existing teeth. 

Prevent Bone Loss

There's a symbiotic relationship between your teeth and jaw bone. While the roots of your teeth are held in place by your jaw, your teeth help to keep your jaw intact. That's similar to how grass can prevent erosion on a hill. Preventing bone loss ensures that your current teeth can have a solid place to hold on, so you won't need a bone graft to restore your jaw when you remove your missing teeth.

Contacting an oral surgeon in Oklahoma City, OK, is your best bet when you lose a tooth. At Dr. JayCee Van Horn office, we can walk you through all your replacement options and answer any questions you may have. Call our office today to schedule a consultation.