What’s a Fast Way to Straighten Teeth?
Through most people’s lives, orthodontics will be a necessity to align their teeth. A typical timeline for an orthodontic treatment takes around two to three years for results, and sometimes longer in certain cases. Most patients don’t want to wait that long to see results. That is why when you visit Southern Smiles Dental PC, you should talk to Dr. Van Horn about getting Six Month Smiles.

What Is Six Month Smiles?
Six Month Smiles is a treatment that is an alternative to traditional braces. Rather than the braces going around every tooth, these braces only focus on visible teeth. They are made of clear brackets and enamel-colored wires so that they blend in much better with the rest of your teeth than traditional braces. You will need to come in several times to get the braces adjusted, but as the name suggests, you should be able to enjoy a straighter smile within six months.

What Are the Benefits?
The biggest advantage of this treatment is the speed. Other orthodontic treatments can take between 12 to 24 months to correct teeth. Due to this expedited timeframe, the treatment is also more affordable. However, the main reason patients pursue it is due to the discreet brackets. Standard metal braces tend to stand out, but these allow you to smile without having your braces be so noticeable.

Who Qualifies?
To quality for Six Month Smiles, you must be over the age of 16. They are not recommended for young teenagers because the teeth are still emerging and coming into place. Additionally, our dentist generally only recommends the procedure for minor misalignment problems. Dr. Van Horn will have you come for a full consultation to determine whether she thinks you will be a fit for Six Month Smiles. She will to examine your mouth to make sure the orthodontics treatment would work best for you.

What Can You Do Next?
It is always worth asking if you can get these inconspicuous braces. They may just be the perfect treatment for you. If you think you could be a candidate for Six Month Smiles, call us to schedule an appointment. Dr. Van Horn and her team at Southern Smiles Dental PC are here to give you the smile of your dreams!