Gingivitis is a medical condition which results in inflamed gums surrounding the teeth.  Gingivitis affects the tissue around the teeth, along with the gums, soft tissues and bone (the periodontium). Gingivitis occurs when bacteria gets trapped in these areas and starts attacking the periodontium. It is important to know the signs and symptoms of gingivitis. This condition is not very painful to start with so it may be hard to spot, but if left unattended could lead to a severe infection and drastic consequences.


One of the most obvious signs of gingivitis is if you find your gums to be swollen, painful or bleeding. These are the most easily identified signs of infection of the gums and tissue. Also, if you notice that your breath has a sudden rotten odor, it could be a sign of gingivitis. The best thing to do is see a dentist as soon as you notice these symptoms. They will get you the proper treatment necessary, so it does not proceed to turn into a larger oral disease.  


If you have not been to the dentist in a while, and you think you may have gingivitis, here are some signs to check for:

1.       Check your gums. Healthy gums are supposed to be pink in color and strong in appearance but if you notice that they are a red inflamed color and seem to be receding, it would be best to visit your dentist and get this checked out. This may be a sign of gingivitis. 


2.       Gingivitis is usually easily treated. Visit your dentist for routine checkups to remove the plaque in your mouth and maintain your oral hygiene. Regular brushing and flossing will stifle the possibility of gingivitis occurring. If you are suffering from severe gingivitis, you will be prescribed antibiotics to help fight off the infection.


3.       However, if you find that even after following all your dentists’ instructions you are still plagued with gingivitis, then it is important to visit your doctor for further treatment. They will need to discover if there is an illness that is causing the gingivitis to keep flaring up.

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