The stigma of wearing braces continues losing its grip. Yet, there are still so many people who can’t come to terms with wearing traditional braces. That’s where clear braces come in. ClearCorrect clear braces are transparent trays that fit around each row of teeth to slowly, over the course of months, move all of your teeth into their optimal alignment.

If you’re looking for clear braces in Oklahoma City, get to know ClearCorrect clear braces and find out how they can help you get straight teeth in a little as six months.

A Closer Look at Clear Braces

Let’s take a closer look at clear braces, which, in another sense, is exactly what most people will have to do in order to notice that you’re wearing invisible aligner trays.

It all starts with a consultation with a local orthodontist, during which you’ll discuss and set expectations for your treatment. When you’re ready to begin the process, your orthodontist will take impressions and 3D scans of your teeth. That data will then be sent off to a ClearCorrect lab, where technicians will create custom aligners made of durable plastic, a polyurethane resin.

From there, you’ll pick up sets of trays from your dentist every few weeks. Each tray set will gently move your teeth just a little more than the last pair until your top and bottom teeth all align to form a perfect smile.

The time it takes to get from your first set of trays to your last could span only six months.

Clear Choice: The Benefits of Going with Clear Braces

The biggest benefit for people who choose clear braces over traditional braces is the fact that invisible aligner trays are really hard to notice. But the benefits to clear braces don’t end there. Here are a few more:

·         They’re removable, so you can pop them out whenever you want

·         You can brush your teeth as normal and you won’t have to work around braces fixed to your teeth

·         You can eat whatever you want, since you can take out your aligners before eating

·         Though you can expect a bit of tenderness early on, they’re much more comfortable than traditional braces

Take the Next Step in Getting Clear Braces

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