Have you been putting off essential dental care? A lot of adults don’t receive the dental health support they need due to a variety of factors, including aging off their parents’ insurance before establishing their own. Understanding what general dentistry offers can help patients better understand how to invest in their oral health whether they are insured or not, as well as the risks associated with skipping regular cleanings. Cleanings and basic fillings from a dentist in Oklahoma City, OK, are an investment worth making because they prevent so many other health problems, and dentists like Dr. Van Horn offer a wide variety of other important options.

Crowns, Tooth Extraction, and More

Dentists are trained to provide a broad array of treatments to patients for many conditions. Sometimes they refer complex cases out to specialists, but for patients who are regularly monitored for dental health, they can often be a sole provider.

·         Root canals and crowns

·         Tooth extraction

·         Emergency dentistry

·         Cosmetic dentistry

·         Implants and other tooth replacement options

·         Orthodontics for adults and children

Since general dentistry can cover such a broad array of services and support procedures, every practice will be a little different in its offerings. Finding a good fit means knowing what will meet your needs today and accurately predicting which other services you are likely to need in the future.

Prevention Is Better Than a Cure

Patients who are regularly visiting a dentist wind up getting feedback that helps them better target their oral hygiene to circumvent their own unique challenges. They also get intervention earlier when there are issues with their teeth, so there is usually less damage done. If you have not yet established an ongoing relationship with a dentist in Oklahoma City, OK, contact us today to change that. Staff is on hand to make appointments and answer questions about the process during regular business hours.