Dentist restoring dental implant crownIf you have dental implants in Oklahoma City, OK and something goes wrong, Dr. JayCee Van Horn can help. Many patients understand that implants are meant to be permanent, but that doesn’t mean they always will be. There are accidents and failures that can happen along the way. The key to making sure your implants last is working with your dentist to make sure you take care of them. That starts by understanding how they fail and when, so you can avoid putting those kinds of stresses on your implants.


1. Teeth Grinding

If you grind your teeth, you wind up putting immense pressure on them. In many cases, this can cause even natural teeth to crack under the repeated pressure. While the porcelain replacements included in dental implants are strong enough to make sure you don’t have to change your diet after healing from their placement, they aren’t designed to be superhuman. They will crack under conditions just a little tougher than your natural teeth. Luckily, a bite guard or other bruxism treatments will help.


2. Lack of Bone and Tissue/Poor Seating

Both are one issue, because the procedure for placing dental implants is reliable and reproducible in patients with proper tissue reserves. Unfortunately, the longer you go with missing teeth, the more tissue you tend to lose. If you have lost too much, your dentist will need to perform a graft or transplant to put more tissue in place. In advanced cases, this might require the intervention of an oral surgeon.


3. Periodontal Disease

Relapsing into gum disease or advanced periodontal disease also causes problems with dental implants, because those conditions also lead to tissue loss. After your implants are placed, you will want to work diligently with your oral health care providers to make sure you keep those symptoms in check.


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