Getting braces is a common experience for many people, and now there is an alternative. Many people ask our general dentist about getting Invisalign® in Oklahoma City, OK. These clear braces are custom built to fit over your teeth and move them into desirable positions. Your dentist will be able to tell you if you are a good candidate, and you will also be informed of the proper way to use them.

20 to 22 Hours a Day

 A primary benefit of using Invisalign® is that the aligners are removable. Many people enjoy the fact that they are able to remove them during meals so that their diets are not restricted. However, you still need to ensure that your aligners remain in your mouth for between 20 and 22 hours every day. That means you need to wear them while you sleep, and you need to make sure you do not forget them if you are going on a trip.

Cleaning Your Aligners

 It is also required that you remove your Invisalign® aligners any time you brush and floss your teeth. This will ensure that your teeth and gums remain free of plaque. You can also brush your aligners separately and rinse them in warm water.

Other Habits to Avoid

 If you are prescribed Invisalign® aligners, then you cannot smoke while you are wearing them. You should quit anyway for the benefit of your oral health, but tobacco can discolor the aligners. You should also avoid chewing gum while you are wearing the aligners. The gum can stick to the device and cause damage. It is best just to remove them any time you plan to eat or drink something.

Get Your Aligners Today

In order to see if Invisalign® is a viable option for correcting your teeth alignment, schedule an appointment with Dr. JayCee Van Horn today. You can call us at 405-757-2122 to begin treatment.